Vendor Information

The ATV industry has been seriously underrepresented in Maines sporting event expo’s. Here is your opportunity to get in on the inaugural year for Maine’s first ATV show.
Show dates & times:

Set-up: Friday May 19, 2023 4-9pm
May 20th 10-8
May 21st 10-3

Dealers: This show is the perfect place for ATV dealers to showcase inventory and make sales. With the new rail trail in place there are sure to be more and more people looking for new and used ATVs to join the fun. The Havoc Hollow ATV Show will attract hundreds of eager buyers! Have a set up at your booth to process credit applications and sell, sell, sell!

ATV clubs: Come meet the people hitting the trails and gain some valuable memberships. This show is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the who, what, when, where and how of your club:

Who: The Havoc Hollow ATV Show is your perfect opportunity to tell hundreds of people who you are as a club, and explain the benefits of ATV club membership.

What: Show potential members what you have to offer by providing trail maps and a schedule of planned ride as well as promote your sponsors and maybe gain a few new ones.

When: NOW! The biggest opportunity to gain members is at this show. Attendees are eager to hit the trails and want to know more about what trails each club maintains. Here is the opportunity to get them that info.

Where: Where is your club? Where can the trail connections take them? Where are the park-and-rides located? Where are the amenities (food, gas, restrooms) from your trails and are they shown on your map?

Why? Why join a club? ATV riding is hotter than ever and club memberships benefit the continuation of our great sport. Get the word out about your club at the Havoc Hollow ATV Show! Get those membership applications ready to go and sign-up new members right at the Havoc Hollow ATV Show!

Campgrounds: What better way to get the word out about your connection to the exciting world of ATV trail riding. Attendees are looking for campgrounds that offer either ATV access from the grounds or close by. Book guests right at the show!

For an application click here or inquires please email:, or call 207-314-6896.